Midland Helicopter Club Website
Our club field.

Midland Helicopter Club.

We are able to cater for pilots of all ages and abilities and will take pleasure in offering training and support to newcomers and a warm welcome to all.

We have a fabulous field to fly from and equipment ranging from a club helicopter and buddy box radios to a ride on lawn mower. With the addition of a driveway which was completed in March 09, we can guarantee all year round access to this fabulous flying site.

Currently the club has over 50 members with a capacity of up to 60. We fly both electric and nitro machines, in both pod & boom and scale formats and you will also see members fly some scale machines.

Our flying is based around a strong social environment which concentrates on having fun in absolute safety.

In addition to the services offered by the club, every member who joins will be privileged to receive a special discount from Midland Helicopters, who are the largest stockists of model helicopters and accessories in the UK and a positive supporter of our activities.